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Missing .SPL files in test data

first post: malthe wrote: Such as TestData\EMF\00013.SPL.

missing EmfPage.cs file in source code

first post: unruledboy wrote: hi,     the EmfPage.cs file is missing.

latest post: solidcrip wrote: Yes, but only the Emf format. I'm very busy at the moment, because ...

Spoolfile can contain multiple devmodes...

first post: Merrion wrote: Hi A spoolfile can have multiple dev modes - basically when you ...

latest post: solidcrip wrote: Hello Duncan Thank you for the input. I am currently making ...

Spoolfile formats

first post: solidcrip wrote: Discussion about spoolfile formats

latest post: Merrion wrote: In the spoolfile header jobs are marked as either RAW (printer lang...


first post: solidcrip wrote: Discussion about features

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